Lauren Mahieu, G.A. (Genealogy Addict)

Thanks for visiting GeneJourneys.com.  My name is Lauren, and I’m a genealogy addict. My obsession with family history began many years ago, inspired at a young age by my grandmother’s Stanwood and Bursley heritage.  “Grammer” told me about her grandfather, Albert, the lumberman working in Maine and Minnesota’s cold, cold winters to fell trees.  She was fascinated by the tales of travel by covered wagon, when the family went west to Minnesota.  She was proud of her grandmother’s Bursley heritage as well, with ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War, and before that, sailed across the Atlantic ocean aboard the Mayflower.  I started my genealogy by researching these and other stories at the National Archives, pouring over census records on microfilm for clues about my Stanwood ancestors.  Later, my mother would join in on my research excursions.   After my grandmother’s passing, mom and I would spend hours looking at old photographs (I inherited by great-great grandmother Lavina’s photo album), Google our family name, and celebrate each time we’d find another clue or solve another mystery.

Albert & Lavina (Bursley) Stanwood and family

Albert and Lavina (Bursley) Stanwood and family. Albert and Lavina are my great-great grandparents.

My mother and grandmother are both gone now, but my lifelong passion for genealogy is not.  I hope you find this blog helpful in learning about my family history research progress, travels and latest technological gadgets. Please feel free to leave a comment or email me using the form at the bottom of this page if you find this blog helpful.

Happy Hunting!


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  • Denise Anderson

    Hello. My name is Denise Anderson. My grandfather’s name on my mother’s side is Everett Evans (deceased). His mother’s name was Elonia Evans. (I believe her maiden name was Brown. I don’t know the name of her husband.) Elonia Evans, I believe, was a cousin to Rev. O. H. Fernald (though I’m not sure how). Fernald was living in Bucksport Maine. Elonia Evans was living in Norseville, in Eau Claire County in Wisconsin. I have a total of five letters penned by O.H. Fernald to Mrs. Elonia Evans. Two are accompanied by the envelope in which they were sent. Ironically, he also enjoyed geneology. I am only beginning to delve into it. Would he, perhaps, be the O.H.Fernald you refer to? Please respond at your earliest convenience. I have some (but not all) lf these letters scanned if you are interested. Please advise. v/r, Denise

  • Denise Anderson

    Correction – My mom and Grandmother (she is 94, and will be 95 Feb 7th) believe Elonia was a Wooster, which may explain why I have what I believe is a very old, penned (quill) list of names, birthdates, marraiges (in some instances) and dates of deaths on the Wooster side. Unfortunately, I don’t know who authored the list and it doesn’t have a date on it. I also need to be able to somehow confirm Elonia’s husband’s name.

  • samara garnet

    want to find ancesters.

  • candice

    Hi, me name is Candice Lee Isaacs and I am 25 years of age born in 1988. My mom’s name is Sylvia Isaacs and my dad’s is Vincent John Isaacs. We stay in Bonteheuwel, Cape Town, South Africa. My mom is originally from Franschhoek, Paarl, Western Cape and my dad from Retreat, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. My mom’s family all stay in Franschhoek still, whereas her mother’s name is Maria Boonzaaier. My mom was baptised as a Moos, which was her maiden Last name(my grandmothers maiden name). My great grandmother also stayed in Franschhoek, Paarl, Western Cape and she was born probably in 18 hundred and something as my grand mother was born 1945 or 35. My grand father (my mother’s dad’s) name was Benjamin Ross (Sorta light skinned guy-but not white) my mum never knew him she met him once. So my history stops there. My dad’s father and mother died. He knows he has or had a brother, but don’t know where he is. We do not know any of my dad’s family as they resided in Retreat, Western Cape. I know my dad’s mother’s name was Frances and last name probably Isaacs, which could be her husbands surname as well. My dad grew up by other people and often moved around to find his own feet to stand on. He had it tough growing up. Nevertheless, I want to find out about both my mom and dad’s side. I only met my mother’s half sisters (my granny on my mother’s side married someone else a Boonzaaier). I want to find out about my mom and dad’s ancestry. Please help. Or even the ancestry of our last surname Isaacs would hep.

  • Barbara Rodgers

    Hi Lauren, I just happened to notice your older post about your DNA test results. It’s funny because my mother had also been told she had a Native American ancestor and my DNA test results put that story to rest, too. Not sure if you caught my post last fall, but if you’d like to compare notes my husband made a pie chart for our DNA results. (I couldn’t figure out how to get a screen shot of the Ancestry graphic like you did!)


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