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In Memory of My Daddy, James Ennis

Daddy, Christmas Day 2009

Webster’s dictionary defines “father” as “a man that has begotten a child.”  I disagree.

A father is a man who has loved, raised and cared for a child.   A man who has cared for and raised a child he has not “begotten” is even more to be cherished, and is even more of a father.  That certainly describes my own father, my Daddy.

My Dad married my mom when I was only 2 ½ (almost three) years old.   One of my earliest memories was before their marriage.  Daddy and I were on our front porch when he presented me with a Jane West doll.  She was green and plastic, and if I recall correctly, had painted yellow hair.  Even though I hadn’t yet developed into the country girl I would eventually become, I loved the Jane West doll and had her for many, many years.  That was the first of many early memories of my Dad during my childhood.

Dad was a big kid at heart.  Continue reading

New Site, New Stuff!

After only two weeks, the Stanwood Family History site has been remodeled!  The html pages have been replaced with a MySQL database, allowing the posting of a substantial amount of documents, reports and other data.  I am thrilled to have discovered The Next Generation (TNG) genealogy software, which has simplified the process of using a database for sharing of online information.