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Grandparents make the world a better place – a tribute to my Grandmother, Goldie Simpson Edwards

My grandmother, Goldie (Simpson) Uphouse Edwards

My grandmother, Goldie (Simpson) Uphouse Edwards, about 1974

In the era when families are spread through the U.S., I suppose my family was quite an anomaly. So much so that in later years my grandmother would often remark, “I must have done something wrong – I just can’t rid of you kids!” Of course, all of us “kids,” now well into adulthood with families of our own, knew she was fiercely proud of her loyal brood of children and grandchildren. Her life had been spent raising her three daughters, and then, spending her mid-life and senior years doting on her six grandkids.

Reflecting back, I now realize I took my childhood for granted, and assumed that all kids had wonderful grandparents and extended families. Continue reading

Why Genealogy? And the pictures that started it all!

Last night I went to the Family History Center just long enough to order the microfilms I needed for Somerset County, PA – taxes, naturalization records, church records, etc. Yup, just a brief stop and then I’d head home and start my after-work chores. Well, lucky for me, two of the eight films I’d planned to request were there! I didn’t get any new info, but I was able to confirm info I’d found online at (Needless to say, it is always exhilarating to see the original document, even though it wasn’t “new” information!) While wrapping up for the night, I was chatting with the volunteer who was manning the library. “So what go you interested in genealogy?” he asked.

Who is this handsome man?

Page 22 of Lavina Bursley Stanwood

The thrill of solving these puzzles is what has me hooked and keeps me feverishly seeking answers to my family mysteries. Continue reading

The Gene Bug that keeps biting!

It’s hard to believe that last year this time I was just putting together a sketch of my Uphouse family in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Using the censuses, I came up with some hypotheses on relationships – and most have proved correct! When Henry Uphouse died, his kids seemed to be spread abroad throughout Somerset and Westmoreland counties, and while I was reasonably certain these kids were my aunts and uncles, I had no initial proof. One invaluable web site to assist in my endeavor is Last night I found a newly-posted, extracted obituary for William H. Uphouse on there. Actually, they had two of them. A quick email and by mid-morning today I had scanned copies of both! Continue reading

In the cloud – FINALLY!

My husband claims I’m a techno junkie.  While I banter back with mock shock and surprise and pretend his statements are outlandish, I of course know I’m completely and totally obsessed with almost anything that’s electronic.  Software, laptops, smartphones (iPhone, course!), and any new gadget that comes on the market are eyed by eager me.  When updates to software applications come on the market, I am often lured into purchasing.  Yes, I do get a thrill from technology!  So it is surprising that I have waited until now to join those who are backing up and syncing “in the cloud!”

I have been using Roots Magic for my primary genealogy program about a year now, and one of the really cool things about it is “Roots Magic To Go” – you can save your database, along with a version of the software, on a removable media device.  It’s great for taking your data from one PC to another, or operating on a PC where Roots Magic is not installed. Super cool! However, when I went to sync my desktop with the media device, I made a blunder and lost my most recent data, probably two weeks’ worth of data entry. (User error – not the fault of the software….)  ARGH – while it’s not a ton to recreate, it’s a pain and time consuming – and difficult to remember what I’d done and still needs to be redone.

So…I’ve decided it’s time start syncing my laptop and desktop as well as backing up into the cloud.  After reviewing several sync and back up options, I decided on SugarSync. My laptop is currently uploading files to the server, and then I will begin the process of uploading the contents of my many desk top files. And THEN – syncing the two devices together. It will be great to be able to access files from either computer, as well as from other online PCs, such as my desktop at work. Even better, next month when I get my new iPad, I can access my files from there too.

Yup, I’m definitely a techno junky. (Just don’t tell my hubby I agree!)