In the cloud – FINALLY!

My husband claims I’m a techno junkie.  While I banter back with mock shock and surprise and pretend his statements are outlandish, I of course know I’m completely and totally obsessed with almost anything that’s electronic.  Software, laptops, smartphones (iPhone, course!), and any new gadget that comes on the market are eyed by eager me.  When updates to software applications come on the market, I am often lured into purchasing.  Yes, I do get a thrill from technology!  So it is surprising that I have waited until now to join those who are backing up and syncing “in the cloud!”

I have been using Roots Magic for my primary genealogy program about a year now, and one of the really cool things about it is “Roots Magic To Go” – you can save your database, along with a version of the software, on a removable media device.  It’s great for taking your data from one PC to another, or operating on a PC where Roots Magic is not installed. Super cool! However, when I went to sync my desktop with the media device, I made a blunder and lost my most recent data, probably two weeks’ worth of data entry. (User error – not the fault of the software….)  ARGH – while it’s not a ton to recreate, it’s a pain and time consuming – and difficult to remember what I’d done and still needs to be redone.

So…I’ve decided it’s time start syncing my laptop and desktop as well as backing up into the cloud.  After reviewing several sync and back up options, I decided on SugarSync. My laptop is currently uploading files to the server, and then I will begin the process of uploading the contents of my many desk top files. And THEN – syncing the two devices together. It will be great to be able to access files from either computer, as well as from other online PCs, such as my desktop at work. Even better, next month when I get my new iPad, I can access my files from there too.

Yup, I’m definitely a techno junky. (Just don’t tell my hubby I agree!)

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