The Gene Bug that keeps biting!

It’s hard to believe that last year this time I was just putting together a sketch of my Uphouse family in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Using the censuses, I came up with some hypotheses on relationships – and most have proved correct! When Henry Uphouse died, his kids seemed to be spread abroad throughout Somerset and Westmoreland counties, and while I was reasonably certain these kids were my aunts and uncles, I had no initial proof. One invaluable web site to assist in my endeavor is Last night I found a newly-posted, extracted obituary for William H. Uphouse on there. Actually, they had two of them. A quick email and by mid-morning today I had scanned copies of both!

William H. Uphouse Obituary

Father is H. Henry Uphouse? Yes, this appears to be correct!

Second Obit for William H. Uphouse

Second Obit for William H. Uphouse

Boy I love the internet! Not just one, but TWO obits! πŸ™‚ The second one confirming that William H. is uncle to my Charles Madison Uphouse. I had hoped the obituary would provide a German city for William’s father’s place of birth, but at least I did get one additional detail: Henry Uphouse’s name appears to have been “H. Henry Uphouse” – confirming my suspicion that the “Herm Hein Uphaus” who resided in Damme, Oldenberg, Germany and sailed from Bremen to Baltimore on the Magdalene in March 1834 is MY Henry Uphouse. Additionally, by studying the list of passengers I’ve found several whose families also settled in Henry’s town of Middlecreek, Somerset county, PA. I do think I’m on the right trail! My poor husband has had to listen to me ad nauseum….such is married life!

One final thing to look forward to- the Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree is coming! Just 3 1/2 months away! Yippee!

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