Watch out Salt Lake City – Here I come!

The Southern California Genealogical Society holds their annual Jamboree each June, and is the highlight of my year. The event brings the best of the best to Southern California, and each year I expand my knowledge by listening to superb lecturers who are experts in their specialties. This past year I attended two sessions by Lisa Louise Cooke on using Google Earth to research and to show your family history to others. I made a mental note of her Genealogy Gems podcasts, but became distracted with our New England research trip, and well, life…

So, a few a days ago I finally decided to check out these podcasts. I consider myself a techie (okay, maybe “geek” is more like it), but I’d never subscribed to a podcast. I downloaded a few of the free podcasts, and WOW! Starting with titles from 2010 that sounded intriguing, Lisa had several interviews of speakers that were scheduled to present at the first ever RootsTech 2011 last February. I’d heard about the event, of course (and had been green with envy when various bloggers mentioned their attendance and described the event). I’d even considered attending RootsTech 2012 this upcoming year. However, what really got me was one of Lisa’s guest speakers describing RootsTech as “the Comdex for genealogists.” Yes, I’m a geek, and get excited about new technology. (I have one desk top PC, two laptops, an iPad and an iPhone, if that helps you understand how much I love my electronic gadgets!) My husband and I had attended Comdex in Las Vegas several times, so I can certainly understand such an analogy…and get totally jazzed at the prospect of attending a conference that combines both of my passions – genealogy and technology! So……….RootsTech here I come!


I’m so elated as I’d always wanted to go to SLC to visit the Family History Library. Was thrilled to learn they will be open until 11 p.m. on Thursday the 2nd! Must slip in for at least a few hours while there to do a bit of research as well, and at least orient myself to the library so I can plan for a longer trip where I can devote more time to doing what I love the most – finding my family!

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