Tech Tuesday – ToodleDo, Baaaaaby!


I’ve gotten used to the snickers of my coworkers, who are amused by my use of technology.  Hey, my goal is to be efficient, and technology is the  best way to get there.  One of the things I learned long ago is whenever possible, only touch a paper once.  Then either file it, toss it, distribute it….don’t save it for later.  Well, often that’s not possible.  Especially in genealogical research, we need to spend time truly analyzing and “digesting” or mentally “processing” a document.  I find when I’m in the middle of a research project, I don’t have time to finish all that I want to accomplish.  I may have worked on a family line all weekend long, but alas, Monday morning comes and off to work I go.  I don’t want to forget where I’m at in the project, so I’ll “ToodleDo” it – that is, add it to my online, cloud-based task management system, so I can pick back up where I left off on the upcoming weekend.  Other times I find I get bored working on one family line, and just need a break.  However, again, I don’t want to forget about ideas I had for research, or overlook data entry of documents gleaned at repository.

ToodleDo for genealogy!

Last Spring I was working furiously on my Bursley family, preparing for our New England trip.  Well, I was also researching several other lines while at the same repositories, and consequently, brought back a considerable amount of data that needs to be reviewed, analyzed, and where appropriate, entered in my database.  The items above are some of the “to do” items for my Bradstreet and Bursley families.

ToodleDo also allows you to include notes for each item.

click to add or view ToodleDo notes

Notes for tasks allow additional information to be saved

I like to include notes in my list of tasks – may be links to other sites, information I need to review, or details on where I’ve filed the data requiring attention.

ToodleDo Notes

Photographed pages of books still need my review

I used to use the task list in my genealogy software, but it doesn’t provide the same versality that ToodleDo offers:

  • Sort by surname
  • Sort by priority
  • Detailed notes for each task
  • Online and in the cloud for reference regardless of your location

Like my other favorite application (read about my love affair with Evernote), ToodleDo is FREE!

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