The Ennis and Fleming Families


My Daddy, about 1980

When my Daddy died on June 23, 2010, I wrote a tribute to him which you can find here.  He was not my biological father, but very few people knew that – he loved me as though I was his own, and I adored him.  He was a kind, quiet person – but hysterically funny with a wicked sense of humor when you got him talking.  He loved to fish and he LOVED his tools.  (Don’t all carpenters?)  When Daddy got sick and moved in with us, he brought all of his many tools, guns, fishing poles, and other treasures with him.  My husband has spent the last three weekends cleaning and organizing these tools, and boy did Daddy have a LOT of them!   He would be so happy to see how Ed has them all sorted and hanging on the peg board, ready for our household projects!

While the tools didn’t surprise me, the photos below which Ed found mingling among some of Dad’s other papers did!  Apparently my Dad’s mom, Sarah Deabra (Fleming) Ennis (I’ve always called her Grandma Sarah) was interested in  family history too!  Some day I would love to work on Dad’s family history, but for now, I thought I’d post these wonderful photos here for others to see.  (The names of the individuals, thankfully, were penned on the back by Grandma Sarah.)  Doesn’t Daddy look like his great grandpa??  I think so!

George L. and Georgie (Calahan) Ennis

Dad’s great grandparents, George L. and Georgie (Calahan) Ennis

Sarah Elizabeth Fleming

Great Grandma Sarah Elizabeth Fleming

Roark Sisters

Left to Right: Uncle Tildon York; Aunt Cora Payne (Roark) Fleming; Aunt Lanara Clarence (Roark) York; Grandma Maggie Lou (Roark) Fleming

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