Tech Tuesday: The Next Generation v9.0 upgrade review

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I really have enjoyed The Next Generation (TNG) – is a great way to share your research with others online.  My dilemma in the past has been trying to keep TNG updated with the data I have in my primary desktop software, Roots Magic (which I LOVE!).  Recently I learned that you can simply overwrite your TNG data by uploading a new Gedcom, so I thought I’d give that a whirl.  First, though, I decided to upgrade TNG from version 8.0 to 9.0.

The upgrade went without a hitch.  TNG has an excellent forum and a Wiki which answers most questions.  However, when I’ve had additional questions that I can’t solve with the online helps, Darrin Lythgoe has been WONDERFUL about providing support for his product.  When I first installed TNG a couple of years ago, he guided me through the process when I had issues.  (Discovered it runs best on Linux, and my host was Windows-based.  A change to Linux solved those problems.)

While my upgrade was smooth, updating my database was a little more challenging.  Most of my issues were from my own error in not verifying paths for media images prior to uploading my Gedcom.  In addition, some of my image files are “choking” the thumbnail generator.  I’ve not yet been able to figure out why, so I had to manually create thumbnails for several hundred images I loaded over the weekend.  I still have some that will not convert even manually, even when I try to reduce the size of the original image.  I’m sure I’ll find the answer soon enough, or will contact Darrin for additional help.  Other than that. I really had no issues.

Now, what I would really like Santa to bring me for Christmas is a Roots Magic iPad app!  Are you listening, Bruce Buzbee?  Unfortunately, since he’s been working on the new release of RM 6.0 (which is GREAT, by the way), I will likely have to wait until 2013 for any RM iPad app! Until then, my TNG data is just a click away….

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