Lemuel Bursley, Ensign, War of 1812

As Veteran’s Day is approaching, I thought it appropriate to share the Annual Return of the Company of Foot, commanded by Daniel Beale, in the War of 1812.  Included is my ancestor, Lemuel Bursley, whose father Benjamin Bursley served in the American Revolution.  The original document is held by the Farmington (Maine) Historical Society.

Daniel Beale's Company of Foot, serving in the War of 1812.

Daniel Beale’s Company of Foot, serving in the War of 1812.


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  • Military Monday – Benjamin Bursley – Civil War veteran | genejourneys

    […] – Benjamin Bursley, the sixth of 13 children born to Lemuel Bursley and Lavina Spencer¹,², was born about 1810/11 in Farmington, Maine.³ No doubt influenced by their colonial roots, the Bursley family was quite patriotic, having descended from Pilgrim John Howland, who had made the voyage to America aboard the Mayflower. Nearly 150 years after the Plymouth settlement, Benjamin’s grandfather, Benjamin F. Bursley, helped gain America’s freedom from England with his role in the Revolutionary War.4,5 The patriotism continued with our subject’s father, Lemuel, who was an Ensign in the War of 1812, serving in Daniel Beale’s Company of Foot. (See Annual Return with roster posted here.) […]

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