A little more of me


The search for a name
The search for a date
Is a search for a person
Who breathed life into me

Those who’ve gone before
Those who are still here
We all relate
My family and me

This passion, this obsession
This thing called genealogy
Is more than just a family tree
It’s finding those who made me

They beckon me from the distant past
They beckon me from recent graves
They come to me in my dreams
My ancestors talk to me

I need to know where they lived
I need to know what they did
The color of their hair
It’s all a part of me.

This quest to know
This yearning to find
It fills a void
Deep inside me

Today I will search
Today I will find
A little more of the past
A little more of me

2 responses to “A little more of me

  • geogirl1950@yahoo.com

    This is such a beautiful poem, and it reminds me of me, and how I feel about doing my family history. No one understands how much I love going to cemeteries, researching a name, and having this research done for future generations. I feel I am honoring my relatives, but I wish more answers were left behind to my questions.

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    • Lauren Mahieu

      Thank you, geogirl! The of us involved in genealogy clearly enjoy the hunt and finding our ancestors, but for me, it’s sooooo much more…glad you understand and can relate!

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