Charles M. and Julia C. (Veland) Uphouse

My great grandparents, Charles Madison Uphouse and Julia Christine Veland, have always been somewhat of a mystery. So few stories have been passed down about them, and so little is known of their lives. Here are some photos and documents recently sent to me by my wonderful aunt.

Charles M. Uphouse, in uniform

Charlie was born 4 March 1889 in Davenport, Thayer County, Nebraska.  The couple had one child, Charles W. Uphouse, who was killed in an automobile accident on his way to California in 1949.   Sometime after his marriage to Mary Belle, Charlie enlisted in  Company H, 5th Nebraska Infantry:

Charlie's military service in co. H, 5th Nebraska Infantry.

Charlie’s military service in co. H, 5th Nebraska Infantry.

Additional statement of service below:

Charles M. Uphouse Statement of Military Service

Charles M. Uphouse Statement of Military Service


Charlie Uphouse

Charlie Uphouse

About 1918 or 1919, probably in Minnesota, Charlie married Julia C. Veland.

Julia (Veland) Uphouse

Julia (Veland) Uphouse

Below is Julia’s wedding ring, which my mother gave to me.  I had it resized and wear often:

Julia's wedding ring

Julia’s wedding ring

The details of Julia and Charlie’s marriage were lost with those who have passed; however, we do know that while they separated, they never legally divorced.  According to Goldie (Simpson) Uphouse, wife of Julia and Charlie’s son, Harold, Charlie was a sweet, kind man of whom she was quite fond.

Charles M. Uphouse, funeral card

Charles M. Uphouse, funeral card


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  • Barbara Rodgers

    Your great-grandmother’s wedding ring is similar in style to my grandmother’s dinner ring. She died before I was born so it was given to me by my aunt after I grew up. My grandmother was a farmer’s wife and somehow I couldn’t picture her going out for dinner, reminding me how little we can ever know about some of our ancestors.


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