Jeremiah Day of Ipswich – Cabinetmaker??


Jeremiah Day of Ipswich purportedly made the listed chest of drawers

Having been on hot on the trails of my Day ancestors, I’ve found deeds and other documents stating that Jeremiah Day, son of Sgt. Thomas and Elizabeth (Jewett) Day, was a yeoman.  Imagine my surprise to find this posting on the Yale University Website, attributing Jeremiah Day with the production of this beautiful high chest of drawers?  The site states there are multiple affidavits to certify the piece’s construction in the mid-18th Century, as well as family letters describing the piece’s creator.  (Click here to go to the Yale page, and scroll to the bottom to view the envelope.  The addressee, Elsie (Day) Clark.)

In addition to this gem, the Winterthur Museum and Library in Delaware has a photograph of another piece of furniture attributed to Jeremiah.  Posted on the ArchiveGrid, details available here.

Three individuals named Jeremiah are listed in the Ipswich vital records:  Jeremiah, son of Thomas and Elizabeth, his son, and grandson, also by the same name.  The Yale listing states Jeremiah’s year of birth as 1712, consistent with vital records, while Winterthur states the cabinetmaker’s birth was in 1717, likely a typo.   My next goal is to obtain further documentation of these items, and will post most if the libraries are able to provide more info.  For now, I will be happy to look at this gorgeous piece of furniture.





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