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How Common Is The Last Name Black

Have you ever wondered how common the last name Black is? It’s a pretty unique surname, but it turns out that there are actually quite a few people who share this moniker. In this article, I’ll be exploring just how prevalent Black really is and what makes it stand out from other surnames.

Are you curious about the history of the last name Black? When did it come into existence and where has it spread to since then? Who were some of its earliest adopters and why was the name chosen in the first place? I’m here to answer all these questions for you.

Finally, I’ll provide an overview of countries around the world with high concentrations of people bearing the Black surname and ancestry DNA results black. So if you’re looking for more information on your own family tree or just want to know more about one of the most popular surnames in the modern age, keep reading!

History Of The Last Name Black

The last name Black is one of the oldest in recorded history. It has been used by many throughout time, signifying a sense of honor and strength. The origins of this surname can be traced back hundreds of years to ancient times when it was first adopted as a way to distinguish family lines from one another.

It has evolved over the centuries, taking on different meanings depending on its geographical location; for instance, in Scotland and Ireland it was believed that those with the surname Black were descendants of an old Celtic god known as Cuchulainn or ‘the black-haired hero’. In England, however, those who bore this surname often had darker skin tone than their peers which distinguished them from other families.

Today, the last name Black continues to carry both positive and negative connotations associated with it. People may use it as a badge of pride while others might view it negatively due to its association with traditional racism and inequality. Regardless, this name remains a staple among people around the world. Moving forward, let’s explore its popularity across countries and regions.

Popularity Across Countries And Regions

Moving on, the popularity of the last name Black varies widely across countries and regions. In Australia, for example, it is one of the most common surnames in certain states. It is also very popular among people with Irish heritage, as well as those who have roots in Scotland and Wales. In England and Ireland, the surname Black can be found all over the place – from urban areas to rural towns.

In northern Europe, particularly in Scandinavia, this name isn’t quite as frequent but still appears here and there. People living in France may find that their last name is more likely to be Blanc than Black; however, some variants do exist such as Deblanc or Desnoirs. Similarly, Spanish-speaking countries like Spain and Mexico tend to favor variations such as Moreno rather than Black. Despite these regional differences in spelling, many cultures recognize its origin as English or Scottish.

Now we turn our focus towards quantifying how prevalent this last name really is by looking at census data on frequency of the last name black around the world.

Frequency Of The Last Name Black In Census Data

John Black is an example of someone who carries the last name. According to the most recent U.S census data, it’s one of the more common surnames in the United States. In fact, nearly 100,000 people claimed that last name as their own during this survey period. It also ranks fairly high on a list of all surnames throughout the nation and sits at number 281 out of a total 88799 names listed.

This same data shows that other variations such as Blackburn, Blacks and Blackman are also quite popular with around 2800 individuals identified by each spelling variation respectively. The prevalence of these different spellings may be due to immigration or family traditions over generations. Additionally, there are even fewer unique spellings like Blackely or Blakemore which have been found to have less than 200 occurrences in recent surveys.

The frequency of all these forms demonstrate how much influence this particular surname has had on American culture for many years now and its ongoing popularity suggests that will not change anytime soon either. Next we’ll take a look at some specific examples from various parts of the country where the last name black appears frequently in population records.

Variations On The Last Name Black

It is clear that the last name Black is a popular surname. But what about its variations? In this section, we will explore some of the different forms of the last name and how common they are in census data.

Variation % Represented
Black 10.3%
Blacks 0.2%
Bleck 0.1%
Bleak 0.08%

As seen in the table above, there are several variations on the last name Black that have been documented in U.S. Census Data over time. The most common variation is simply “Black,” which accounts for nearly ten percent of all people with the last name Black recorded by census takers across America since 1790. Other variations like “Bleck” or “Bleak” only account for less than one tenth of a percent each, so it’s safe to say these variants are much less common than their base form counterpart, “Black.”

Now that we’ve looked at some of the different variants on the last name Black, let’s take a look at famous people who share this surname…

Famous People With The Last Name Black

The last name Black is actually quite common in many countries. Some of the most famous people who have had this surname include actor Jack Black, singer Lewis Black, and writer Tonya Bolden-Black.
Jack Black is well known for his comedic roles in films such as School of Rock and The Holiday. He has won several awards for his acting performances, including a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in 2006 for King Kong.
Lewis Black is an American stand-up comedian and author best known for his political satire on shows like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. His latest album, Stark Raving Black: Live at Town Hall earned him a Grammy Award in 2007.
Tonya Bolden-Black is an award winning children’s book author from New York City whose works focus on African American topics such as slavery, segregation, and civil rights movements. She has written over 30 books that have been published by major publishing houses such as Scholastic and HarperCollins. Her work has received numerous accolades, including being named to the ALA Notable Books list multiple times.
With so many notable people carrying this last name, it’s clear that the family name “Black” is not uncommon at all! Moving forward we will explore resources available to do further research into the history of this surname and finding african american ancestors.

Resources For Further Research

Interesting to note, the last name Black is actually quite common across many countries. In fact, a recent study by found that it ranks in the top 250 most common surnames in England and Wales. It’s also one of the more popular names in Australia, where it currently stands at number 97 out of all known family names there.

To find out more about how prevalent this surname is around the world, resources such as Forebears can be used to look up its frequency by location. For example, if you search for “Black” on their website, you’ll see listings for over 100 countries with percentages showing just how often this particular name appears within each nation’s population.

For people interested in researching further into their own family history and any connections they may have with those who bear the same name – whether distant relatives or otherwise – genealogy websites like FamilySearch provide access to records from various places and time periods which could prove beneficial when looking into these types of questions.


The last name Black is both a common and uncommon name depending on where you look. In some countries, the surname is quite popular while in others it may be virtually unheard of. It’s amazing to think that something like a last name can have such an impact on our lives. Read about the black Indian genealogy research book.

At first glance, the frequency of Black as a surname might seem rather mundane or insignificant but when we dig deeper into its history, its variations and famous people who share this last name, it becomes clear that there is so much more beneath the surface than meets the eye.

Ironic though it may seem, for many of us, our surnames are what make us stand out from the crowd. They give us a shared identity with those around us and shape our future paths whether we realize it or not. The fact that the last name Black has been used by millions over centuries is truly remarkable!