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Why I love Evernote – Part II

A few weeks ago I wrote about my love affair with Evernote, a free application that I use both at work and at home.   Evernote and Roots Magic, my primary genealogical software, provide my main source of organizing my genealogical research and documents.  I love both.

Evernote Screren Shot

Evernote even searches text from images!

As much as I love Evernote, yesterday I began to question my organizational system.   Continue reading

Watch out Salt Lake City – Here I come!

The Southern California Genealogical Society holds their annual Jamboree each June, and is the highlight of my year. The event brings the best of the best to Southern California, and each year I expand my knowledge by listening to superb lecturers who are experts in their specialties. This past year I attended two sessions by Lisa Louise Cooke on using Google Earth to research and to show your family history to others. I made a mental note of her Genealogy Gems podcasts, but became distracted with our New England research trip, and well, life… Continue reading

The Gene Bug that keeps biting!

It’s hard to believe that last year this time I was just putting together a sketch of my Uphouse family in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Using the censuses, I came up with some hypotheses on relationships – and most have proved correct! When Henry Uphouse died, his kids seemed to be spread abroad throughout Somerset and Westmoreland counties, and while I was reasonably certain these kids were my aunts and uncles, I had no initial proof. One invaluable web site to assist in my endeavor is Last night I found a newly-posted, extracted obituary for William H. Uphouse on there. Actually, they had two of them. A quick email and by mid-morning today I had scanned copies of both! Continue reading