My Surnames

I admit it.  I have ancestor bias.  I have spent an inordinately disproportionate time on the following surnames, my favorite ancestors, the ones I think about as I fall asleep at night:

  • Bradstreet, Broadstreet (England >MA)
  • Bursley (MA>ME>MN)
  • Day (ME>MN)
  • Stanwood, Stainwood (England >MA >ME >MN)
  • Wasgatt, Wescott, Westcott, Westgate (ME)

My other primary areas of research are:

  • Scott (ME>MN)
  • Simpson (NY >WI >IA >MN)
  • Sisco, Cisco, Scisco (NY >WI >IA >MN)
  • Spencer (MA>ME)
  • Thomas (ME)
  • Uphouse (Germany >PA >NE)
  • Veland (Norway >IA >MN)
  • White (ME >MN)
To see my research, please visit and be sure to drop me  a line if you are also working on the same families!

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